obama geisha "Harima"


Harima is the only Chaya in Obama-city.


There used  to be almost 50 chaya in Obama-city.


By1981, there were only sixteen Chaya left.

Mari, who is the present landlady, opened "Ryotei Harima" to continue the Geisha tradition.


Although all the other Chaya eventually closed,

Ryotei Harima has been open as the only Chaya in Obama-city for about 36 years.


We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

What you can do at "harima"


●Party with Geisha


Geisha performances are available for private parties

either at Ryotei Harima or at the location of your choice. (Hotels, banquet halls and restaurants)





Lunch is served for parties of 2 to 6 people.

The pricing is more affordable than dinner menu.




There are a variety of activities at Harima.

 -Shamisen experience (private lesson)

 -Tosenkyo (throwing a fan at a target and knocking it down)

 -Konpira-funefune (a kind of rhythm game)



●Dinner Plan (5pm-11pm)


[ Groups of 3 to 6 Plan ]

-120minutes/for groups of 3 to 6

-¥13,000 per person (tax and service charge included)

-This plan included food only and we serve drink in extra charge

-Two Geisha serve your dinner



●Lunch Plan (11am-3pm)


[ Standard Plan ]

-80 minutes/for groups of 6 or less

-¥5,000 per person (tax and service charge included)

-This plan excludes drinks


[ Activities Plan ]

-60 minutes/for groups of 6 or less

-¥1,500 per person (tax and service charge included)

-Tosenkyo, Shamisen and Konpirafunefune are available




●Geisha attending private parties Plan


-¥14,040 per one Geisha visit (tax and service charge included)

-Excludes transportation charge

-Limited to 30 minutes radius from Harima



●Take out Plan


-Mari-chan konjak ¥100

-Kayaku-gohan (Japanese mixed rice) ¥100 

Photos and videos

First floor /japanese style room

second floor  / japanese style room

outside / japanese interior / facilities

Geisha "momo"  and  landlady "mari"






こんぴらふねふね (舞妓倶楽部様)

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